In 1962 the Montini Benito company was founded in Padua as an individual firm operating in the clothing sales sector. In 1981, following the experience gained over the years, the second generation – Montini Brothers – made the company evolve, giving birth to Studio Montini F.lli. From that moment the company expanded its business from Padua to all of Italy, providing new services and expanding its range of products focused on the fashion sector. The year 1996 marks another important event, the birth of the Fashion Trade Consulting division: a unique and exclusive service for the production of outerwear, t-shirts and trousers, thanks also to the collaboration with some of the Far East countries.
In 2020 Montini Studio was born, with Paolo and his son Alberto. It follows the customer in every phase of the realization: from the proposal of innovative garments, fabrics and accessories, to the choice of fabrics up to the production of the samples and the relative allocation and production. The company now collaborates with many national and international brands, being able to establish an increasingly close relationship with its customers and the manufacturing companies represented, providing continuous updates on the novelties proposed by the market. Bringing its Italian roots to Asia, Montini Studio started with small productions in China and today manages over 2.5 million outerwear across European and Asian countries such as China, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Indonesia.
In the same period, from a project by Alberto Montini, the company branch dedicated to design and engineering, MA:DE, comes to life. The strong inclination for design and innovation led MA:DE to offer a 360-degree service: from research and design in 2D to the creation of the collection in 3D.


Responsibility for the future

We have made a commitment: to improve the impact of what we do, both towards people and the environment. We select partners who share our values and who certify their social and environmental responsibility.
We believe that only by improving processes together and giving fundamental importance to increasing sustainability, it is possible to rebalance the relationship with natural resources and with the people involved in the production chain.


Innovation is what allows us to perfect what we do. It is our vision of the future, in which technology allows to improve the quality of processes and products while reducing their environmental impact. We believe that innovation is the key to achieving a balanced and sustainable relationship with natural resources.

and Fair Trade

We choose to work only with partners with international certifications that guarantee sustainability and supply chain traceability for fair trade.

These certifications aim to balance the overall impact of development, production and trade with a view to increasing responsibility and awareness.

Here are some of the certifications:


No matter how far our business takes us, the rule is never to forget our roots. Being in Italy means living surrounded by an amazing variety of beauty, in a heritage made up of culture, traditions, artistic wisdom.
Our country’s link with fashion is intense. A legacy that we want to help carry on and that constantly inspires our research and development.
In our work we bring together the needs of the international market combined with Italian DNA.

Efficiency and

Time, price and quality: the key to our success.
The relationship of mutual trust we have with our partners allows us to be reliable with customers needs.
Our commitment to meeting deadlines and goals emphasizes attention to detail and enhances the quality of the services we offer to high-value global brands.

Social impact

Amici di Adamitullo Onlus is a project born from the meeting of a group of friends with Don Cesare Bullo, a Salesian father on a mission around the world for more than fifty years. Thanks to the support of the order of Salesian fathers, which has been working for years in Ethiopia to guarantee the education and quality of life of the local communities, it has been possible to find together a place in which to fulfill the desire to help the less fortunate. Of the thirteen missions present in the country, the smallest is precisely that of the village of Adamitullo, about 170 km from Adis Abeba, home to a school center with an elementary school and spaces for games and recreational activities, founded by the Salesians in 1988. Just in Adamitullo, we Friends invest our energies, committing ourselves to carry out many projects together through volunteer missions and cultural and entertainment events for raising funds, especially in the city of Padua.
At least twice a year, a group of members visit the mission to experience the reality of Adamitullo firsthand.