We continue evolving to intercept the needs of the market and offer our customers a tailored service. Our adventure in the world of fashion began in the mid-60s and since then we have combined experience with the desire to innovate, developing a 360-degree integrated service. We assist our customers throughout the creative and productive process: from the design to the development of samples, from the management of relationships with suppliers to production.

A range of quality services fine tuned for over half a century, this is Montini Studio.



MGTK2: quality label

We take care of developing a wide and targeted proposal of seasonal trends, selected from thousands of fabrics, models, details. The inputs come from trade fairs, analysis of contemporary subcultures, magazines and trend books but what distinguishes our products comes from the passion and expertise, handed over from generation to generation. We look for technologies that allows high performance through the best quality and durability of products, working on the specific requests of our customers.

We are a company that acts as a bridge between brands and manufacturers, connecting customer needs with the right suppliers to satisfy them in the most effective way. We operate between Europe and the Far East, offering transversal and tailor-made solutions.

We take care of the garment development process, from sampling to production.

MGTK2, the label that distinguishes our samples, has become over the years a well-established brand recognized as a synonym of quality and which stands out for its Italian DNA.



Supply Chain Creators

We identify the right partners for our customers to develop their projects.

We take care of connecting brands with suppliers, assuming the role of mediators and directly managing negotiations to solve any problem in the shortest possible time. Whatever the needs of our customers, we are able to structure a supply chain capable of satisfying them. We find the correct factories that share our commitment for quality and attention to social and environmental impact. For this reason, in the last 30 years we have created solid relationships with reliable and certified partners based in Europe and in the Far East, mainly in China, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Indonesia.

We develop supply chain solutions that aim to deliver speed, efficiency and profitability to our customers.



Our habitat

We have been developing tailor-made solutions for apparel companies for over 50 years. By relying on on-site resources, we assemble the team necessary for the project from time to time, involving designers, engineers, specialized technicians and production experts to ensure products that meet the requirements.

Our position as trader allows us to have direct contact with suppliers wherever they are, ensuring on time production and meeting deadlines and objectives agreed with the customer.

While it is true that we are recognized for our experience in outerwear, we have the ability to develop ad hoc solutions for any other product category – knitwear, trousers and more – also thanks to the ecosystem of companies in which we work.


design & engineering

Shaping concepts design & engineering

Following the evolution of the fashion industry, we have developed an integrated approach that combines the design phase with the production phase From concept to design brief, the design process translates trends into products capable of meeting the desires of increasingly demanding consumers. Engineering is part of this process, through which the design takes shape.

The new generations – in our case the third – want to raise the bar to increase competitiveness and to open new paths. With this goal, MA:DE was created, a division of Montini Studio that deals with the 3D design of garments. MA:DE designs tailor-made collections for its customers, with attention to the smallest details.

Thanks to the internal design and R&D team, MA:DE is able to propose collections drawn in 2D which, once defined, are transformed into 3D to deliver a turnkey product to customer.
MA:DE uses technological innovation in virtual design and sampling to transform the supply chain and giving flexibility, speed and efficiency.

3D design not only makes it easier to share ideas and vision, but allows to quickly change the characteristics of the garment, avoiding the environmental impact of travel and transport and reducing waste of samples and products.
MA:DE is already active for key customers and we look forward to expanding this innovative, effective and sustainable solution in the future.