What we do

We assist our customers throughout the creative and production process: from design to development of samples, from management of relationships with suppliers to production.
A range of quality services fine tuned for over half a century, this is Montini Studio.
  • R&D
  • Sourcing (suppliers)
  • Production
  • Design & Engineering (MA:DE)



How we do it

For years we have been committed to improving the impact of what we do, both towards people and the environment. Efficiency and expertise are the path we have chosen, building trustworthy relationships with customers, partners and suppliers over time.
We believe that by improving the process of the entire supply chain together, it will be possible to rebalance the relationship with resources in a perspective of increasing responsibility.
  • Innovation
  • Certified sustainability and Fair Trade
  • Italian attitude
  • Efficiency and reliability
  • Social impact

When we

Our adventure began in 1962 from Padua and led us, year after year, to grow all over the world. With the third generation recently joined the company, Montini Studio aims to consolidate its position on the market by developing innovative services and operating on the market in a responsible way.

where we are

Via Longhin, 29
35129 Padova PD